COVID-19 Support (25/3/20)

COVID Recovery Pricing

We have reduced our prices substantially to support businesses in their recovery from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Prices have been reduced by more than 90% for a limited time only to help businesses looking to get online, thinking of updating their website or using any of our other services.

We understand the losses businesses have faced during this time and want to help with coming out of the pandemic. We can provide web infrastructure and both the front-end design and back-end development of online platforms for businesses looking to manage staff working from home.

June/July Closure

We were closed from the 13th of June 2020 to the 23rd of July 2020.

We provided our full support to the NHS and medical industry

We have been offering all of our services and available resources free of charge to be available for NHS (England) and the medical industry actively involved in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. The commercial premises (offices) we made available for use by the NHS in both Covent Garden and Chelsea have now been fully utilised. We helped counter disinformation campaigns and provided more hosting resources (servers).

NHS Logo

We have gone paper-free and work remotely

To help combat the spread of the virus, we will not be available for any face to face meetings and any such discussions will need to take place via video chat/conference or on a phone call. We no longer offer to send paper documentation and all documentation is sent in digital format to protect postal workers from catching and spreading the virus.

Free support for existing customers

We have suspended all ongoing monthly and annual fees temporarily for 6 months for existing customers who joined us before the 1st of March. However, services will continue to run as normal and the suspension/waiver of fees and charges will be subject to review in 9 months time (13/12/20) and may be extended depending on the situation at the time.

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