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Paragraph page content goes here. The general guideline is to write at least 500 words on your page for higher ranking in search engines. Make the content relevant and include a call-to-action at the bottom for good usability so visitors can continue browsing and reading. If you're not sure how to edit these web pages, try opening the html files in the programs below and making changes to the code, then save the file with your changes and open it in a web browser. Be creative and make it great!


Adobe Dreamweaver

Available for Windows and Mac, the well known Adobe Dreamweaver is useful in the way that there's a lot of tutorials available online if you are new to working with HTML and CSS code, plus the helpful Live View which shows you a live preview of your page as you edit the code.



If you need a free alternative to Dreamweaver or are more experienced and comfortable working with HTML and CSS, the standard Notepad application already included in Windows or Notepad++ on Windows (Notepadqq on Linux) is the perfect option for editing this template.